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Ok I know that skirts made from sweatsuit material(warm fuzzy knits)are not new.However I decided to take an old sweatshirt and turn it into a cute skirt, using the sleeves as nifty little pockets.

Step 1: Find a suitable sweatshirt

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2) measuring my waist.jpg
3)measuring waist.jpg
I used an old sweatshirt that had a part of one sleeve missing (I used it for a project some time ago)

Next thing is to measure your waist. Take that number and divide it in half. Then measure the front of your shirt to make sure that it will fit on your bottom half.
Cool but change the name... Sweatskirt sounds like well...
Kasasha (author)  killerjackalope7 years ago
LOL...yeah I was writing this at 3Am it was the first thing that popped in my head.
Damn that's skirt's sweaty... It's catchy as a name but makes me think stinky thought lol
canida7 years ago
Looks great! Nice sleeve -> pocket conversion.
Kasasha (author)  canida7 years ago
Patrik7 years ago
Hmm... I think you might want to add a picture that's a bit more "zoomed out", so we can see the final results a bit more in context. Otherwise, I can't help but thinking "hey, why is she wearing a sweatshirt as a skirt?" ;-)
jaysbob Patrik7 years ago
ntlk7 years ago
I absolutely love that! Now I only need to find a sweatshirt
Obsessive7 years ago
Cute idea. Nice conversion. I do agree with Patrik though. An overall picture would be nice. :3
Awesome job! My mom would probably like this - we have a lot of jackets and stuff lying around.