Step 7: And Now You're Ready to Go

Your new skirt is done and ready to be modeled for all your friends.
Cool but change the name... Sweatskirt sounds like well...
LOL...yeah I was writing this at 3Am it was the first thing that popped in my head.
Damn that's skirt's sweaty... It's catchy as a name but makes me think stinky thought lol
Looks great! Nice sleeve -> pocket conversion.
Hmm... I think you might want to add a picture that's a bit more "zoomed out", so we can see the final results a bit more in context. Otherwise, I can't help but thinking "hey, why is she wearing a sweatshirt as a skirt?" ;-)
I absolutely love that! Now I only need to find a sweatshirt
Cute idea. Nice conversion. I do agree with Patrik though. An overall picture would be nice. :3
Awesome job! My mom would probably like this - we have a lot of jackets and stuff lying around.

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