Step 3: Setup the Wixels - Install an app & Flash that LED!

Picture of Setup the Wixels - Install an app & Flash that LED!
Wixel Blinking Example.JPG
Next follow to install the Example_Blink_LED app; rather than double clicking the WXL file, you should use the Wixel Configuration Utility (WCU) to get used to it. See the WCU at picture one .

I have only used this with Windows 7, note the mention of specific things you need to do with XP. Sorry I can't test with XP but if you have an issue post a comment, I or someone may be able to help.

When you have completed the 3.d steps in the above link, you have a Blinking LED, see picture two .

Pretty straight foward.

So we now have a working Wixel installation.

You should now swap to the second Wixel and set it up with the Blinking LED app. This is so we can use either of them in the following steps without having to initialise it.

While we are using the WCU, press the 'Get apps...' link and download the USB-to-Serial & Wireless Serial apps. We will be using them in following steps.

Also download the file below, right click & Save As to give it a meaningfull filename rather than 'able randomness. This has a few demo programs for the next steps.

Next - we get to plug stuff in and do something real!
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