This instructable shows how to create a miniature model of a Pokemon city from HeartGold or SoulSilver. It will say how to make individual pieces, but it is up to you to find out the layout of the city you will try to make. This does NOT show how to make a specific city, it only shows the buildings, ground, etc. Enjoy!

Step 1: Buildings

The buildings are basically what actually makes a town look like a town. This only shows how to make the Poke Center and the Poke Mart, but you can use the same method to make the other buildings.

POKE CENTER (Top half of picture):
The first image is basically a cube of styrofoam. I just trimmed the corners so they had a slight curve and extruded the door.
Then I wrapped painter's tape around the bottom and spray-painted the roof a nice Marachino Cherry red. Then I removed the painter's tape, wrapped a silvery tape around it, added electrical tape stripes, and glued on the door and the windows up above the door. I just printed out light blue shapes.

POKE MART (Bottom half of picture):
Basically, I just followed the same steps as the Poke Center, but with a slightly different design. The little overhang of the roof is important. It makes it look like the one in the game. The key difference is the sign. For that, I cut up a block of styrofoam into 2 in. wide by 1 in. tall by 0.5 in. thick. I stuck a straw into it for the post, and then glued on a small blue sign like the one in the game.
Nice! Very creative. Looks like you spent lots of time on that. I love Heartgold!
hey just tought this wont spray paint decay foam
What is decay foam? I just used the kind of styrofoam that you can get at an art store. Also, I just used your typical kind of red or blue spray paint.
i meant that spray paint decays foam it will mess it up no offense
Thank you! I've gotten this to work before, but you might be using a different kind of foam. Oh, just a quick question, but were you trying to make a specific city, and, if so, which one? Or were you just trying to make the buildings?
i was looking at instructables and this 1 came up
Oh. Just typical browsing? Interesting.
Two things you need quickly:<br><br>1. A new title.<br><br>2. Pictures in focus.
Thank you for your feedback. This is my first instructable, so I am kind of new to the business.

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