Picture of Buzzbee Tek Six Mod
Recently, I found two Buzzbee Tek Six blasters at a yard sale for $1 each. They had several key points that made them good blasters:

1. They were easy to load
2. They were small
3. They were cheep
4. They looked easy to mod
5. They didn't have half bad power
6. They had gigantic air restrictors (AR), so they would fire even better without them.

I will show you how to do an easy mod to remove the AR and make the blaster fire better.

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Step 1: Open it

Picture of Open it
Opening the Tek Six is quite easy. 
First, undo all the screws on the cocking mechanism and remove it from the blaster. Then loosen all the rest of the screws and slowly remove the cover. This blaster is stuck together pretty well so you might need to apply some force to open it.

Step 2: What's Inside?

Picture of What's Inside?
as always, first look at and understand the mechanism before attempting to mod the gun. from this point onward, proceed cautiously. after studying the parts, remove the barrel.

Step 3: Loosen AR

Picture of Loosen AR
To start removing the ARs, take a drill with a skinny drill bit and drill through the holes on the backside of the barrel (the side with the rotation apparatus). this is merely a way to loosen the AR from within the tube. 
do this to every barrel.

Step 4: Pull out the junk

Picture of Pull out the junk
With the ARs loosened, take a pair of long nose pliers and pull the prong out. Then, wiggle a large Flathead screwdriver in the bottom of each barrel to scrape out the remaining gunk. Don't be afraid to be brutal.

Step 5: Put it back together

Replace the barrel into the case, making sure the trigger hook goes over the rotation apparatus. Replace the cover and tighten all the screws. Finaly, place the cocking mechanism around the metal bar and tighten those two screws. 

When you are done, your Tek Six blaster will fire 10-15 feet further. your gun will also be able to fire homemade darts (stephans). 
jbaker223 years ago
Are you showing that the valve that allows air pressure out of the barrel when the bullet is in the back of the barrel is bad? It is 3 tiny buttons.
Plo Koon3 years ago
ive had one of these for years and its a VERY reliable gun.
Doesn't work.
Tried this method on two of the barrels and then gave up, deciding to save what was left of the gun.
I'm good with tools, but this method is very sloppy and imprecise and tends to destroy the critical tube behind the air restrictors. That is, it rendered both barrels useless.