Step 6: Key Electronics

The dimensions of the key slot internally, leaves enough room to use the battery housing from the original Sony radio. Cut it out from the radio and carve down to size enough to hold the batteries in place and slide into the cylindrical housing. From then solder two wires from each battery output and wire the corresponding wires to the opposite sides of the 'plus' on the base. For my conductive metal I used pre soldered pads bought from Maplins (have posted the link below). Using wire cutters, I cut them to the size of the plus ends and glues them down solidly to the outside of the key base.
Hello,<br><br> This is a very interesting project and a very unique way to customize a radio to better fit the consumer. However, I would suggest making the &quot;key&quot; contacts recessed if you decided to make something like this again, as exposed positive/negative contacts positioned like this could be prone to short circuiting if someone was to place it upon a flat metal/other conducting surface.
Great idea; very original, I hope your grandmaother enjoys it!
Neat! Good job! :D Cheers!
Thanks very much glad you liked it!
amazing job! i'd like to see even more industrial design stuff like this on instructables.
Thanks a lot for the feedback, will hopefully continue to post more projects in the future up here.New to the site and really enjoy using it
Nice project! Doe your grandmother actually use it? <br> <br>I'm wondering: you made the volume control pretty large, because of the arthritis. Why is the control for adjusting the channels not so big? <br> <br>
Thanks a lot, I actually only finished it a couple of days ago so haven't managed to take it home to give to her yet, was hoping to give it to her for christmas but I don't know if I will have it back from the Uni by then.<br><br>When I do i was actually looking forward toseeing how she finds the tuning control actually, because as you said its quite small. Its actually very light and easy to twist so she might find it ok, maybe in hindsight it would have been better to use all of the surface area around that dial to make it bigger.<br><br>The whole design was based around the removable control switch from the start and one of the problems with her radio that she has now is that she cant reach down to turn on wall plugs and batteries are hard to change. When I found that out, one of my ideas at the start was to actually power the top part via a small solar panel at the top of the key insert which could charge up re-chargable batteries or potentially eliminate batteries all together. Then she could rest the top on the window ledge beside where she sits with her radio and let it charge when she isn't using it. If I had a bit longer for the project I would have liked to source a suitable sized panel to do that.<br><br>Thanks for the feedback, appreciate it<br><br><br>

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