Step 9: Assembly

This was the most challenging part of the process.  We had to fish all the cabling through the neck and stem (through the conduit), and then we neatly routed and secured it in the base.  The really difficult part was doing this while neatly routing the monofilament control line through the stem and attaching to the head and motors.  These series of pictures give a good idea of the general assembly process.
Great project! Remember the Day of the Trifids? You make this thing a walker and your there. <br> <br>Again great project all the way around,
All I can say is Audry II <br>Nice work.. <br>
I love it! Makes me think of zombies, too...
Completely awesome, and slightly creepy. :) Excellent writeup and video, five stars.
Thank you! We love the way that the flower moves--it reminds us of how plants move in time-lapse movies.

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