This is a guide of how to play beer pong. It is a relatively simple game to play and very inexpensive. If you’re tired of the same old Xbox games or want to have some competitive fun with your friends, this is the perfect game. The average game takes around 20 minutes, but will continue to entertain you for hours. It is played by throwing ping-pong balls at cups and making them land and stay in the cups. Each turn, both teams are allowed at least 2 throws to try to “make” cups. After a cup is made, it is removed, and the first team to make all the cups wins!

Disclaimer: This instructional guide in no way supports underage drinking or the irresponsible consumption of alcohol.

Warning: This game may have health risks and as with any type of activity involving drinking alcohol, people may drink too much and experience alcohol poisoning, which can lead to serious injury or death.

Step 1: Items Needed and Setup

Items needed:
-Playing surface ~8 feet long
-20-22 red solo cups
-2 or more standard sized ping-pong balls
-A pitcher to fill with water
-Paper towels in case of spills

Modern Beer Pong is played on a flat rectangular surface, 8 feet is preferred but any table will work as long as all players agree on it. Two teams of 1-2 people will stand on their respective sides and form an equilateral triangle with 10 red solo cups as shown. Proceed to fill each cup with approximately 2 ounces of beer or water depending on which game you play. There is a line on red solo cups to indicate 2 ounces, however if you are using other cups, 1/4 to 1/3 filled with beer or water will work. You will need a foot or two of clearance surrounding the table to be able to play comfortably.
do you tend to play enforcing the elbows rule?
do you tend to play enforcing the elbows rule?

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