I wanted to make a friend something for LEGO minifig photography/filmaking for his birthday. He has taking pictures of minifigs to put in exciting locations for short films, but you could use this for any small item that wants to go on a virtual vacation. The choice of color will depend on what you're photographing. If you have a lot of green items you may want to try using a blue or hot pink color for the interior of the box.

Step 1: Materials & Tools


24" Horizontal Organizer 

4 x 1.5" Zinc corner braces

8 foot indoor extension cord

2 x 13W CFL bulbs (I would have preferred a round CFL with Edison adapter but I couldn't find one locally)

"Round metal electrical box cover" with two bulb sockets

8 oz. (sample size) Valspar Pantone Green Flash paint 

Wire nuts



Circular saw


Disclaimer: Please be careful when using power (or any) tools! I am not responsible for your safety, so be smart out there!

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