After seeing instructions on making fried rice on the internet, I found that instructions available online often lack crucial steps and are not detailed enough. Also, I feel that the method they use to cook fried rice cannot make fried rice taste good enough. Therefore, I will show you how to make a Chinese fried rice dish called "Yangzhou Fried Rice." This recipe will show you how delicious fried rice can be. I will introduce all the tools and ingredients that we will use and also I will include pictures to show how we make this fried rice step-by-step. These instructions are for the people who are interested in preparing Chinese fried rice and also have some basic cooking skills.

Step 1: Before Cooking

Before we begin cooking the Yangzhou fried rice, we should know a little bit of background knowledge about Yangzhou fried rice and prepare our kitchenware and ingredients. This preparation is important because we can make sure we will not be hindered by finding the necessary kitchenware. In addition, adequate ingredients allow us to be sure that we can make a wonderful Yangzhou fried rice.

<p>souns like a great recipe. Fried ricein almost any way is a favorite dish of mine..</p>
<p>Nice recipe! It would be great if you could replace the intro image with your last image (in step 12) so people can see what you actually made! :)</p>
thank you so much

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