Alright, you want to make your very own Role-Playing project, but you don't know where to start...well this tutorial will basically show you how to create a dice-roll RPG game without the need of any internet browsers, a perfect boredom killer when your internet is slow or unresponsive, or just no internet whatsoever...

Bring your friends closer to the screen and then learn from this basic tutorial all you need to know to start your first project...

PS. There will be download links from Mediafire.com, no viruses detected from that site and all of my downloads, and top quality tools for you! :D

Step 1: Step One, Making a Home for Your Role-Playing Project!

This is a very easy step, which requires no college degree on computer science to pull this step off...

Cool, but I will not be doing this :(
I hardly even did any of this stuff myself to be honest, my newer method is easier, but I still don't use my newer method either...
im sorry but i dont understand this at all <br>
Maybe becuase you're eight?
Well sorry about that, but there are links to download the folder, and its contents at the end of this instructable, but this is just a basic tutorial, if you want to know more about how to make your very own Role-Playing game, it is just as easy to google search Dungeons and Dragons, they have printable character sheets, and they have very good statistics if you ever needed to know more about the stats on RPG's. and then you can go to http://donjon.bin.sh and from there you can generate your very own dungeon<br><br>(HINT: My desktop background is a custom dungeon that I made with the generator)<br><br>The folders Worlds, Characters, Copy &amp; Paste, Dungeon, Inventory, and RPDRS are not empty, the rest are empty...barren of files. <br><br>But this again is just a basic how to on storing your files, along with your creativity...

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