Picture of Guitar Throne

So... you want to make a guitar throne, eh? So did I and this is what I came up with (pictures 1 and 2). When I looked around the interwebs for inspiration, I started with a few google image searches and found a few... here are two pictures I gleaned from the search (pictures 3 and 4). After reviewing the search, I decided that I wanted to make a throne that was easy to assemble/disassemble and all components could be contained within the suitcase in order to simplify storage.

After getting an idea for what type of throne I wanted to make, I went out searching for a large old suitcases at local auctions/flea markets.

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Step 1: Material and Tool Lists

Several pieces of scrap wood - 2x4s, 1x4s
2 yards x 60'' of red velour
2'' wood screws
10' of 1/16 threaded metal cable
4 eye hooks
Metal primer spray
Gold spray paint for metal
Hot glue sticks
1 package of 1'' foam
Thread for sewing machine
Notebook paper/wax paper

4 1/16'' metal crimps

5 rubber coated U-hooks

Flathead screwdriver
Dremel with metal cutting discs
Sawzall with wood cutting blades
Electric drill with pre-drill bits and phillips bit
Hot glue gun
Measuring tape
Sewing machine
Exacto knife

Vice grips

Step 2: Purchase a suitable suitcase

Picture of Purchase a suitable suitcase
2014-02-09 16.02.15.jpg

Choosing the right style, size, and shape of suitcase is ultimately dependent on your taste and needs. I picked a suitcase that had an interesting interior design. It included a cool set of pockets that could be hung within the case. I thought this feature would be good to store extra chords, pedals, picks, and strings inside.

The only problem with having the pockets is that it wasn't something that had been taken into consideration by the designs I found using google. As a result, I had to adapt my design so the pockets could be accessible when it is all set up. This idea will be more obvious as you continue through the steps of this project.

hunter9991 year ago

This is really cool and could be very useful! Thanks for sharing :-)

This is really cool, I've never seen a guitar stand like this before. Great job!