So... you want to make a guitar throne, eh? So did I and this is what I came up with (pictures 1 and 2). When I looked around the interwebs for inspiration, I started with a few google image searches and found a few... here are two pictures I gleaned from the search (pictures 3 and 4). After reviewing the search, I decided that I wanted to make a throne that was easy to assemble/disassemble and all components could be contained within the suitcase in order to simplify storage.

After getting an idea for what type of throne I wanted to make, I went out searching for a large old suitcases at local auctions/flea markets.

Step 1: Material and Tool Lists

Several pieces of scrap wood - 2x4s, 1x4s
2 yards x 60'' of red velour
2'' wood screws
10' of 1/16 threaded metal cable
4 eye hooks
Metal primer spray
Gold spray paint for metal
Hot glue sticks
1 package of 1'' foam
Thread for sewing machine
Notebook paper/wax paper

4 1/16'' metal crimps

5 rubber coated U-hooks

Flathead screwdriver
Dremel with metal cutting discs
Sawzall with wood cutting blades
Electric drill with pre-drill bits and phillips bit
Hot glue gun
Measuring tape
Sewing machine
Exacto knife

Vice grips

This is really great! I love how you made an old dusty, vintage looking suitcase and made it into something more. This is definetely going to be my next project.
<p>This is really cool and could be very useful! Thanks for sharing :-)</p>
<p>This is really cool, I've never seen a guitar stand like this before. Great job!</p>

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