Picture of Introduction: T.A.B.U.
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To all other teens (I'm 16)  who have begun to pick up an intrest in robotics and electronics the following project will give you a great user-system to get started with. This is not for complete beginers, but after only 6 months of teaching myself to code and develop robotics I have developed T.A.B.U.

What did I make?
T.A.B.U. is a crab like robot that runs on the arduino uno micrcontroller. T.A.B.U. stands for "Testable Arduino Based User-system". I developed this robot so that I could continue to learn how to code robotics with a phisical test subject.

How did I make it?
T.A.B.U. runs off of three 9v smoke detector batteries, one for the board and base servo, one for the left claw, one for the right claw. It is a very simple robot to make and is a great entry level project. When you are finished you will have an opensource robot that you can program and add to to suit your needs.

Where did I make this?
I worked in my room. I have a personal workdesk and I have spent countless hours working in there.

What did you learn?
This project really helped me understand how robotics function in a safe and testable enviorment. I want others to have the ability to use my robot to enhance their skills with electronics and robotics.

I recomend that if you have an intrest in Arduino programming you pick up a copy of the "Arduino Cookbook" by Michael Margolis. This is a key to debugging and learning the system.

Well enough of that, let's get started!
UOS2 years ago
Congratulations! You have built a robot and documented it very well :) Great job :)
dmehrle2 years ago
Ashton you have done a great job on this.