Introduction: Introduction to 3D Printed Clay Stamp

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Project Description

In this project you will learn how to create a stamp that can be used to create patterns in a clay.

You will use basic primitive shapes to create patterns that could be easily embossed (pressed into) in the clay to add a personalized look to your clay creations.

Step 1: Introduction

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In this project you will walk through the process of creating a 3D printable stamp that can be used to embellish clay art project.

When starting a design it is often helpful to step back and consider design requirements and limits; for example, the size of the tool you are creating. If your project is very large or very tiny, you may need to adjust some of the dimensions to fit your specific needs. I have created this project with a clay object about the size of a tin soda can in mind. Once you have completed the project, your design can be duplicated and scaled up or down to fit the size of your specific design. Let's get started!


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In the next lesson you will learn to create a stamp base.

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