hey guys,now this is my 1st instructable so give me a break,ok?

am gonna make it about WINDOWS 7 to help u about using it,changing the themes,downloading themes from the internet,changing/downloading gadgets from internet..etc.and showing u the features of windows 7.



Step 1: editions of windows 7

In windows 7 there are six editions:

WINDOWS 7 STARTER: this edition of windows 7 is preinstalled only in netbook laptops[i dont think that it can also be sold separately],they are aimed at begginners to windows users,windows7 starter contains the fewest features from the other editions,one of them is that u cannot change the wallpaper and the theme.

WINDOWS 7 HOME BASIC: this edition of windows7 is only available in Argentina, Brazil,China, Colombia, India, Pakistan,Philippines, Mexico, Russia, Thailand, and Turkey.Some  options are excluded along with several new features.

WINDOWS 7 HOME PREMIUM: this edition is aimed at families at home and children and this edition is multi-touch supported.

WINDOWS 7 PROFESSIONAL: This edition is targeted towards enthusiasts and small business users.It includes all the features of Windows 7 Home Premium, and adds the ability to participate in a Windows Server domain. Additional features include operating as a Remote Desktop server, location aware printing, Encrypting File System, Presentation Mode, Software Restriction Policies (but not the extra management features of AppLocker) and Windows XP Mode.Microsoft will support this edition until 2020 only.

WINDOWS 7 Enterprise: this edition is ONLY sold to companies that has a contract with microsoft.Like Professional, Microsoft will support this edition until 2020 only.

WINDOWS 7 ULTIMATE: windows 7 ultimate contains most of the features of professional and enterprise editions combined together with an extra feature only in windows 7 ultimate and enterprise, BITLOCKER DRIVE ENCRYPTION.only windows 7 home premium and windows 7 professional users can upgrade to windows 7 ultimate using WINDOWS  ANYTIME UPGRADE.Microsoft will support this edition until 2015 only.

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it IS pretty beautiful OS and btw for those of you who dont know,windows 8 will come sometime in 2012
I LOVE Win7 my laptop haves it (home premium edtion) and one pc at school w/ Win7 pro
hahaha..okay you <br> <br>all of windows 7 editions are alot simpler[and better]than windows XP <br> <br>i have windows 7 professional,but i tried windows 7 starter and professioal and ultimate but i liked professional better than ultimate <br> <br> <br>today or tomorrow i will make a new instructable about all of the tricks and the fun tips that i know about windows 7...you should see it.
Next time use &quot;you&quot; instead of &quot;u&quot;.<br> Is Win' 7 that difficult to use, and which version do you have?<br> <br> L<br>
it means that most touch windows 7 is home premiun
what do you mean windows7 home premium supports multi touch?
u want more??

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