Step 3: Help & How to on Windows 7

till now if u have read the previous steps then u understood the editions and basic features of windows 7.

now i will show u the changes made from windows xp to windows 7.

as u see below the taskbar of windows 7 is alot different from the taskbar of windows xp
1st thing about it is that is bigger than the XP's taskbar and the best thing is that u can change its colour and make it translucent and the QUICK LAUNCH icons are bigger in windows 7and the start menu is better,and in windows 7 u can search the whole pc from the start menu for quick and easy access to everything.


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it IS pretty beautiful OS and btw for those of you who dont know,windows 8 will come sometime in 2012
I LOVE Win7 my laptop haves it (home premium edtion) and one pc at school w/ Win7 pro
hahaha..okay you <br> <br>all of windows 7 editions are alot simpler[and better]than windows XP <br> <br>i have windows 7 professional,but i tried windows 7 starter and professioal and ultimate but i liked professional better than ultimate <br> <br> <br>today or tomorrow i will make a new instructable about all of the tricks and the fun tips that i know about windows 7...you should see it.
Next time use &quot;you&quot; instead of &quot;u&quot;.<br> Is Win' 7 that difficult to use, and which version do you have?<br> <br> L<br>
it means that most touch windows 7 is home premiun
what do you mean windows7 home premium supports multi touch?
u want more??

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