Step 7: Hang Your Creation

Now you simply need to find a place to hang it and you are done! If you haven't figured out where to water it by now, it is in the top of the bottle where we planted the grass/crawling/creeping plants. Enjoy!
Awesome idea, this'd be great for making an herb garden near to a door or window for easy access, or near an outdoor grill. I'd be inclined to attach a piece of mesh over the neck of the bottle and use it for drainage rather than for a second plant, but that's just me. I'll have to try to get my hands on some wine bottles now (I'm not a wine lover, so I'll have to ask around...)
Actually, based on the first one I built (the one without the moisture crystals) having that plant coming out the bottom doesn't hinder drainage at all, it almost acts as a mesh of its own (if you can keep it alive). And I personally prefere the flower out the bottom, but to each his/her own.
Oh, how pretty! This is a great reuse.

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