Picture of Altoids Mini Stove
This is an instructable on how to make an Altoids stove. This is the perfect pocket-sized companion for anyone.
So, here are the materials:
a. You need an empty Altoids tin for the main body of the stove
b. Some candles to melt to provide fuel for the stove
c. A piece of newspaper to use as a wick
d. A wire hanger for a handle
e. A piece of metal to make a stand ( you can use any flat piece of metal, but I used another Altoids lid because I have a bunch of Altoid containers).
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gramma402 years ago
Why not shorten the handle so it fits inside the can?
tr0gd0r (author)  gramma403 months ago

You definitely could, this is just the way I wanted to do mine.

chan20051 year ago
one time I used an altoids tin lid to cook a pancake on and I got really sick from the paint
Cady168 chan20053 months ago
Sand it off
danfroot1 year ago
this is awesome.