Cheap Acoustic Guitar Pickups or Microphones!





Introduction: Cheap Acoustic Guitar Pickups or Microphones!

Hi,this is my first instructable,and I'm not form England,so i don't have very good english :D
In this instructable i will show you how to build a cheap acoustic guitar microphones...
You need:
1.Headphone speaker
3.6,3 or 3,5 Jack

Final in Image

Step 1: Getting the Speakers...

You need to get headphone speaker...You can just open your old headphones...How you get out that speakers,that's diffrent...Get your speaker out carefully don't break the membrane...

Step 2: Installing Microphones

If you have a speaker like the image in last page,you can place it like me(watch the image 1)
But if you have a small headphone speaker,you can place it like the second picture...
The most important is to put the speakers to the Guitar Body,because it will feel the vibrations from the strings...

Step 3: Wiring the Microphones

Now you need to get the wires to the microphones,Ok you can drill the hole in the guitar body or improvise what you can do,the guitar isn't mine,so I put the wires on the guitar body...You can use direct wire to the microphone if you using one of that,but i used both,so i needed to put the wires together!

Step 4: Installing Jack Connector

It's simply,you can use mono jack,but if you don't have it,use stereo,but,is one thing to need to remember if you use stereo jack - You need to use only L channel!!!
In image my finished jack connector...

Step 5: Finishing

Now you need to finish your work,you need to strengthen the wires with the tape,and rechecking all!
Now you can connect your guitar with PC or amp,if you want,you can download a Guitar Rig and enable efects,then feel like on a eletric guitar :D

Here's a Native - Instruments Guitar Rig

Thanks to reading this :)
Sorry for my bad english...
Comment and recomend something :)
I hope you like this instructable :)



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    For a volume knob I would suggest a rheostat wired between one of the connections as if you were wiring a switch. However, I would personally suggest using a speaker with an outlet because it usually amplifies signals that would be traditionally small, such as from an mp3 device or a phone. They usually have volume meters on them. Using a hand wired rheostat would probably give bad sound quality.

    How do you add a volume and tone knob?

    How can i add a volume and tone knob to it?

    you have prfetty good English, no need to appologize

    nice. you don't have bad English at all.

    It also works if you just put the headphones on the box of guitar instead of your head and just plug into amp or microphone jack on stereo. Bc

    I tried this out with almost every option and variable that I had available, from headphone speakers to telephone parts to an old, but tested today, cb mic, and no luck. Could I still be missing something?

    great job, i always wondered if you could use just a regular speaker and reverse it and everyone i know said it cant be done, so you just proved their theory wrong, so great job! i will try this as soon as i get a chance!

    dude, the only step where your english got a little bit bad was in step 1 where you said that speakers. other than that, it was perfect

    Very good intructable, i like it.

    I found it easiest to just take a headphone (or even a small iPod speaker, thats what I did) and run the positive lead on the speaker to the negative port a 1/4" jack, and vice-versa.

    Would this work well on an acoustic instrument like a melodica?

    this step 3 needs a little work. but i learned how to do this in school with a old speaker of this kind. so nice job and its a good idea.

    5 replies

    plz could you explain me more this step

    Umm, actually its pretty good. Nice job!

    what are you saying step 3 is actually pretty good?

    no, I meant over all its good.

    also note that for drummers this is a great thing to do for your bass drums. to save a microphone if you have extra tom's or something that would benefit more.


    I think yes,but why do you need it?Eletric guitar have pickups