This isnt a very hard project, but it would definetly help if you knew your way around inventor because I use alot of the lingo, other than that im gonna give you a pretty straight forward tutorial.  The measurments are in inches, and I used 2011 just in case any one wants to know and if anyone has any tips how to make it easier tell me and ill try to edit them in

Step 1: Head

Start with a 14" diameter circle then put another circle inside that with a diameter of 13" and trim off half of each one so it looks like the picture below.
After the 2D sketch is created, rotate the entire drawing 310 degrees along the middle line.  This will create the head and mouth. 

Awesome! I made one with the cheese design.
<p>How did you do the eyes and the ears?</p>
Veerryy sexy
And how much is the cost
Is it a wearable head
<p>looks amazing</p>
Lol. This will give me something to do in class period. ;]
Epic. This will give me something to do in my Aerospace Engineering class.

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