Step 2: Measure it out

Picture of Measure it out
The key things you need to figure out are how wide your books are and what length of elastic is good enough to support all of the books against the board without crushing them against it.

Measuring out my books, the average width was one inch and the ideal length of elastic turned out to be 14 inches.
trochee6 years ago
I just combined this Instrutable with another one, and it looks really cool.


I now have books hanging off a book with books stacked on top of it!
sofiyyullah3 years ago
@ richelton -Nice one.How dou you get the hooks?
barbwired6 years ago
wow that's really a funky idea :) bravo
JonBMemphis6 years ago
just wondering what kind of "hook" makes the "E" form at the bottom of the elastic strip?
bartoncasey6 years ago
Did you consider using a single strap instead of a loop to hold each book? A strip with a flat end attached (like a button) could be slipped between the middle pages. It'd be less stable, but a simpler design.