Step 6: Sit back and enjoy

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You can leave it as is or go for some more realism by gluing some toys, bookends, or even a fake drink to the bottom of the board to complete the look!
singerboy415 months ago

Not to be disgusting, but as dust is mainly dead skin cells, would dust in books not mean that you do read them alot?

Double sided shelf books bottom nik nacks up top!
fmachado13 years ago
How did you hide elastic???
Open the front cover, insert book, close front cover.
squante4 years ago
This is brilliant! It even gives you room to put stuff on top of it :D
Freelog4 years ago
Just genius!
amazing!!!!! thank you for sharing us!!!!
critternerd5 years ago
You know, they say English is the hardest language to learn...
thats because no one speaks using proper English grammar
irocandrew5 years ago
 I think that using velcro would be more easier to use as you don't need staples and it would allow you to take books out and put them back easily
dispyto4u5 years ago
stevco5 years ago
I made it!
It took me several days, in fact this can be done in several hours but getting the whole equipment, materials and setting everything, takes 2 or 3 days.

Here is my attempt: withineye.deviantart.com/art/Surreal-Bookcase-144052356

Thank you very much for your kind and understandable tutorial!
fungus amungus (author)  stevco5 years ago
Hey! Great job!
thank you!
kuriinaa5 years ago
I disagree Dust in books simply mean you should clean more often .  0_~
Rishnai6 years ago
Love it! Regarding you suggestion of gluing a fake drink to the bottom to complete the realism, I seem to recall Hobby Lobby and the like selling plastic flowers in vases with "water" that looks amazingly real, but is solid. Does anyone know what this is, or how I could get a similar effect with stuff I can get at Home Depot?
I used to work at Michael's Arts and Crafts. We sold a product (the name I can't remember for the life of me - sorry) that was meant to resemble water. It was used in fake Floral designs. Basically you just added water to the pre-packaged mix, poured it into whatever container you were using, and let it dry. It was pretty permanent though from what I remember, so make sure you're using a container you don't really need any more. I'm pretty sure they would sell this at Hobby Lobby, Jo-Anne's, etc also. Pretty much any arts place that sells fake flowers. You could definitely use that. Just go in, describe the product, and they should know exactly what you're talking about. You may even be able to add coloring to make it look like something besides water (although I don't know anyone who's tried it before).
Such a wonder. With this design you don't need to clean the dust on the books. It is a dust-proof design.
Yes! Dust in books is so disgusting.
0087adam picaq6 years ago
Dust in books means they aren't read enough; donate them to a local school or library.
COOL .....
Bradlez926 years ago
it IS really neat, but very impractical. itd be better as art, instead of a useful book shelf. it could take only so many... still cool though no doubt bout that
Keeter6 years ago
I would like to see a version with two stacks of books, meaning another row on top of those books (or, below them, depending on how you look at it :P ). Not on top of the shelf, but floating below those books. I'm guessing you'd just have to double up on straps, and make the lengths compensate for the books above them, but I'm curious as to how secure it would be.
mmelville36 years ago
This is why this site is so great. This is a perfectly respectable and creative idea.
What a fun idea! Thanks for sharing
duffman2296 years ago
WIMONMAS6 years ago
thinker6 years ago
this is ACE<br/>i can effectively double the amount of books i can have on my shelf by adding books Underneath its as Well!!!<br/>ahaha<br/>if i combind this with the "invisible shelf" somehow, it would end up looking just like a mass of books hovering in mid-air!!<br/>=O<br/>
Genius idea thinker! For some reason when I looked at this project I didn't even think that you could also put books on top of the shelf.
gizmondo6 years ago
I see you have Cory Doctorow's 'Little Brother' good book.
shikaku6 years ago
in this pic you cant even see the strap holding up the end book. i didnt see a way to do that, did i miss something?