This model of jigsaw has the option to attach a vacuum to the back where the hole is. This connects via grooves to where the blade cuts. I used a 900 PVC elbow to allow me to connect to my shop vac. The system works really well in dust removal.
<p>I think this is a great idea, it never even occured to me to use a jigsaw like this. Thank you</p><p>Ray</p>
Wow don't you just love when you tell people your ideas and instead of a thank you all they do is complain about something. I for one think this is a great idea. I'm trying to make some wooden planes for my boys and really need a band saw but I think this will do what I need. Thanks a lot
Quibble1: That's a sabre saw. The true jigsaw used a spring-loaded plunger to hold a thin blade in tension. It was the ancestor of the walking-beam scrollsaw.&nbsp; Almost nobody gets it right any more, not even most of the dealers.<br> <br> Quibble2: It's <em>&quot;try</em> square.&quot; Look it up.
Historically and etymologically, the hand-held saw is a saber saw and the table version was a jigsaw. The latter so called because it originally a hand held coping saw incorporated into a jig moved by foot power. The tension of the coping saw frame was replaced by a spring to give a very deep throat.<br> <br> However, sometime in the late 1960s, the terms shifted in North America. The saber saw became called the jigsaw and the former jigsaw became a called a scroll saw. I imagine it started when high end manufactures wanted a more elegant term and choose scroll saw as the traditional hand scroll saw it was associated with fine work.&nbsp;<br> <br> You can see the evolution of the terms in contemporary woodworking magazines with articles about how to make &quot;jigsaw&quot; puzzles with your &quot;scroll saw&quot;.
Thats cool i've got one of these old tables left over from after i got my new one i think i'm going to adapt this one for my shop <br> <br>Great Ible

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