Step 3: Cut Out the Middleman

Most pots have a hole in the bottom to release excess water, but in hanging pots there is usually some sort of perforated grille, to prevent dirt from falling out of the hole along with the water.

Because we're putting the tomato plant through this hole and using peat paper as a barrier, we need to cut it out. You can use a knife, as I am doing in this photo, or you can use heavy-duty wire clippers. I wouldn't recommend using scissors, because they don't have the jaw action that wire cutters have.
Hey question, would you think this would work out with flowers, such as tulips? <br>Oh also would this work with strawberry plants?
I am a beginner, so please excuse my ignorance. Why not just let the tomato plants grow over the sides at the top of the bucket, which would allow several plants in each bucket (obviously on the sunny side) and give a greater length of stem for fruit to grow on ?<br><br>But here's a thought anyway: Hang the bucket from a spring balance, (spring scale in the US ?) and this will give an indication of when (and how much), watering is needed.
@Frank-<br><br> I used to do what you suggested -- have them hang over the side -- but it didn't work out. Tomato fruits and leaves can get rather large and heavy, since they store a good amount of water. Having them hang over the edge puts a lot of stress on the stem which is rather weak (particularly in a young plant). Sometimes a moderate wind will just snap it off. Also, by having the plant hang directly down, you can fit more plants into the same space side by side.<br><br> I love the spring-balance idea, though. I think I'm going to have to try that!
GREAT&nbsp;job..<br /> I enjoyed you instructable.<br /> <br /> Pictures are great!<br /> Well done....<br />
This is the best up-side-downer yet!<br />
Thank you so much!&nbsp; I want to try this and you just saved me money and time wasted trying o figure it out myself!<br />
This is not only a great Instructable, but it is very well written. Thanks!
Love it! I was just thinking today that I'd like to try and make something like this, now I can use up some of my old hanging pots. Thanks!<br />
this is great, nicely done!<br />

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