Investigating My Noisy Tailpipe!



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Introduction: Investigating My Noisy Tailpipe!

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Just yesterday I noticed my tailpipe making a loud noise near the rear wheel. Something must be afoul!

Step 1: Accessing the Muffler.

Raising the car and removing the rear wheel affords an easy view of the exhaust assembly.

Step 2: The Problem!

Ah ha! A busted rubber mount caused by hot gases from a Crack in the exhaust pipe before the muffler. Why am I not surprised?

Step 3: The Temporary Fix.

I don't want hot exhaust blowing on my fuel tank and brake line. A temporary patch is needed.

Using exhaust pipe joint seal compound and a wire to support the pipe, I can use the car till a proper fix be done. Sadly I don't have the skills for this repair.

I will carry the car into a muffler repair shop to have this crack welded. Hopefully the weld would hold up this time!



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