My fingernails just folded back when trying to get my first tray out.  When asked, my orthodontist said there were no tools to help*... I would just, "get better at it."  I took my wounded fingers home and made this tool.  I hope it makes life easier for someone else. 

*Both Outies and Invisalign have tools (available online) that will hook into trays to help you pull them off.  This tool will work to push your trays off if they are too tight to hook into.

Step 1: What You Need

1- An Oral -B "stimulator".  One of those black rubber tipped things the dentist gives you.  I found an old stimulator in the bathroom closet. Looking on line just now, they don't seem to have changed.   You need the kind that does not include a toothbrush on the other end. (the rubber tip is missing in the picture because I only had one - and now it's a tool)
2- A file
3- About 5 minutes

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