Step 5: Glue, and Apply Pressure

Picture of Glue, and Apply Pressure
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The glue will hold the bottom cover of the book in place, and the screws hold the pages together. Put the stack of books on top of the whole deal and wait overnight.
LaBeasy5 years ago
question, would it be more stable if you used two L brackets? maybe i dont know enough about it, but it seems a little bit unstable this way.
I guess but you would have to use drywall hangers in that case as studs are 16" apart.
How much weight can this hold?
yeladot5 years ago
I would also screw in the bracket.
pcro6 years ago
Any reason you've used only one L-bracket? My instinct would be to use two.
dorxincandeland (author)  pcro6 years ago
easier to hide it.
surfreak7 years ago
Krazy Glue FTW!
robzored8 years ago
Could you use epoxy if you're too lazy to find the elmers glue?
mahbooty8 years ago
have you tried hot glue? or are you using the glue to soak into the paper more?
dorxincandeland (author)  mahbooty8 years ago
hot glue would probably work better. I don't have a glue gun, and I'm cheap.
elmers glue is actually pretty strong, it should be fine, and yeah very cheap. I think hot glue has just as much chance of ripping away from the paper
Mepain8 years ago
yellowbook rocks =)
thecosas8 years ago
is the bracket supposed to be screwed in at this point?
dorxincandeland (author)  thecosas8 years ago
it is, it's just a bad picture. You can almost see the screw in the last hole there.