Introduction: Invisible Folders Windows 7 or Windows Vista

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There are stuff in computer that no one should see them ... or there are some stuff that you must make sure no one will touch them. Than this is perfect solution for that.

First you need to do is to create new folder. After that, right click on the created folder and rename.Hold Alt key and press 9 key nine times and then press Enter key. You will see a blank folder name for that folder.

Step 1: Changing the Icon.

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Right-click on the folder and select Properties. On the Tabs select Customize and then press Change Icon . 

After that select the Icon as shown on the Picture.

Then press OK and Apply.

Step 2: The Finish.

Picture of The Finish.

Now all toy need is to move your in some corner on your Desktop .


MaryS246 (author)2016-05-18

It won't let me have a blank name file from trying the alt key part, I even used other sources and it doesn't work either :(.

UwgvpwigpB (author)2016-02-16

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talonsblade (author)2012-09-04

the only problem with this is this folder can still be searched and the files in the folder can be opened from search results/ or open containing folder.

ShadyMelov (author)talonsblade2012-09-04

but if you change the names of files inside it they would be difficult to find ^_^

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