Step 5: Measuring and Application

Picture of Measuring and Application
Now that I had some creativity to give me enough energy to work through the boring measuring, I was ready to go. I bought some envelopes online from and used those measurements to get started.

I had to make sure that the final folded piece would fit inside the envelope without too much wiggle room, but had to make the background large enough to fold and look aesthetic. After hours....ok maybe an hour of determining the way I like it best, I came to a conclusion. The conclusion was that I really couldn't figure that out until I designed the whole project. There were factors such as words to be displayed without pulling cards out, sizes of the pockets and the staggering of the cards to fit exactly.

This was the hardest part. I had nothing to go off of which presented a challenge. I love challenges so I started with the cards and figured I could modify from there. I created 4 cards; Reception, Directions, Response and a STD (That's Save the Date sickos). I calculated (guessed) I would need about a .25 inch for each card to display the title in the stagger. I wanted the cards to be big enough to read but small enough to fit inside the pocket and still be able to display the background information. I found a size I liked and adjusted the pocket to fit. I had some issues with closing the invitation such as the angles not covering the entirety of the inside contents, but going this far wasn't going to stop me from fixing it.  
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