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Hi again guys. I thought I would pull out the gamer in me and help people with some of my favorite games here and there. My first one to help out is Invizimals. its a good game. IGN gave it a 7.5-10. Its like playing our old, and I mean old pokemon red, yellow, blue for game-boy and it got reincorporated back into the psp. This instructable is just to help you with a link to all the listings of the Invizimals in each game (cause there are 3 in far?) and I have also found all the traps for each set to get all the rare ones. I know big deal but the game is pretty explanatory to LOL. Now with enough rambling her we go............

all secret traps- Invizimals

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So here is the best web link to help all of you out. You can also get the rare Invizimals for each set here, but I will be posting them here anyways. This site I found will help with everything, info, how to catch, and news updates.

(any trouble let me know)

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No secrets Invizimals have been done for this, but maybe soon

It there is any trouble with any of the pics please dont hesitate to comment me so I can fix it for you!!!!

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The final piece of the wasn't easy, but that puny trap card you get. well just get some hard paper and print this pic out and you will have a USA paper size trap card to make capturing your invizimals a lot easier


undanganpernikahan (author)2015-03-22

Cool <3

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