IoT Enabled Egg Tray





Introduction: IoT Enabled Egg Tray

This hacked egg tray that has been self printed using 3D printer , keeps a count of the eggs in the tray and updates it live on the internet. Then a Supporting Android Application shows the live scenario of the egg availability. Not only this but also retrieves the data from the GPS to auto-trigger your Mobile whenever you happen to be near a mall/grocery shop , and when the egg count happens to be less than certain threshold. 



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    what is the board underneath the egg holder?

    Keep in mind that you have a wide audience here on Instructables—tech projects like this might need a bit of explanation for some people. This looks like a great project, but it probably needs a bit more introduction for a lot of us.

    That, and people will want to see how you made it! It helps us understand how much work you put into it when you show us how it came together.

    Thanks for posting this! I hope to see more from you.

    Working on a step by step guide too , and would be posting that too very soon . And yes i have many more projects lined up with me that i intend to post in very near future. Thanks for showing interest. !

    I was expecting LOTR stuff....