This hacked egg tray that has been self printed using 3D printer , keeps a count of the eggs in the tray and updates it live on the internet. Then a Supporting Android Application shows the live scenario of the egg availability. Not only this but also retrieves the data from the GPS to auto-trigger your Mobile whenever you happen to be near a mall/grocery shop , and when the egg count happens to be less than certain threshold. 
<p>what is the board underneath the egg holder?</p>
<p>Keep in mind that you have a wide audience here on Instructables—tech projects like this might need a bit of explanation for some people. This looks like a great project, but it probably needs a bit more introduction for a lot of us.</p><p>That, and people will want to see how you made it! It helps us understand how much work you put into it when you show us how it came together.</p><p>Thanks for posting this! I hope to see more from you.</p>
Working on a step by step guide too , and would be posting that too very soon . And yes i have many more projects lined up with me that i intend to post in very near future. Thanks for showing interest. !
I was expecting LOTR stuff....

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