I was shopping yesterday with my wife at a large retail store that caters to expectant mothers, and was shocked to see how expensive baby monitors were.  They were playing a video touting the monitor as viewable from a tablet, PC, or phone and cost upwards of $200 (most over $250).  With twins, we try to save wherever we can, and a pan/tilt camera I had lying around was a no-brainer.

I can view it at work, and in the house, we can check it on our phones or Ipads.  We even had a live feed for the out of town grandparents for a while.  And all for $40...

Step 1: Get the Camera

I bought one camera at Fry's electronics, and it cost me $130.  I then purchased on off Amazon for $37.  There is no difference in capabilities of either camera.  The control interfaces are a little different and the more expensive camera came with it's own apps, but the generic ones work better anyway.

This is a camera I used:  EasyN FS-613B-M166

<p>It would be helpful to know what the camera setup looks like in the room. Is it just stand alone and plugged in? or is it connected to a computer/internet?</p>
It is a stand alone that is connected to your wifi/internet.
I love this. My wife and I are expecting our first (a boy) in September and this is prefect. Thank you for sharing!
<p>Congratulations! I had to rework my setup yesterday because we switched from At&amp;t to Comcast. It is worth the time to set it up when you can get pictures like these:</p>
<p>There is no arguing with that. Mom makes the decision. For us, this has worked incredibly well, but every situation is different.</p>
As a parent of 2, the dedicated monitors (camera + monitor) was indispensable. Having to be by a computer or tablet isn't always convenient. Not saying that your instructable doesn't have merit, just that it may not work for all people. My wife insisted on a standalone unit because her phone is always dead, plus a lot of the baby monitors have features that overly worried parents need for their own sanity ;)

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