Ipad Mini Dock


Introduction: Ipad Mini Dock

Take a block of wood length 9-10 cm roughly and 2 cm thick Measure in from the end you want to be the front half a cm. Take a file and file down roughly 1 cm so there is a divot in the block of wood now make this hole about 1 cm length ways or more depending what angle you want your ipad mini to sit at If you want you can stick a piece of plastic on the top for a nicer finish or vanish the wood I decided to stick bits of a cricket bat grip on the bottom so it wouldn't slip this was very effective but not necessary If you want to round off the edges that can be done with sand paper. It will not scratch your ipad mini as wood is softer than glass and aluminium Thank you



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    If you would have taken your time you would have done a better job on the bottom ....otherwise I like the rest I'm giving it4 1/2 stars