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If you ever had your cable and it started to frey around the tip of the charger from over use this will help you fix this problem.



You are going to need your cable and just two more things. A hot glue gun and a Spring from a Pen.



1. Low Temp Hot Glue Gun (with glue sticks)

2. Spring (from a pen).

3. Iphone cable.




Put the spring on the cable.

This part was a little tricky because you might have to use a little force on the cable to get it on. Wrap it around and around and it will eventually get on all the way. Don't be afraid to stretch spring. Then when it's on you can push it up to the top of the cable.

Step 3: GLUE IT!

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Gluing it is an art. Not many people know this... Using hot glue is hard when you don't want it to look like you globed it on and didn't care about it. Just use little at a time. Patience is key in this step to make it look nice. After I placed dabs inside of the spring like injecting it. I would Roll it with my fingers while it was soft. Then I would use the hot part of the gun on the sides of it to smooth it out. Tearing off the excess... It's good to use Low-Temp but Hot-Temp works too.


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Now plug it in and see if it works.

If it still is charging and you are done. You now have saved yourself a couple bucks from having to buy a new one or keeping it out of a landfill. Those cables can cost up to $19.00 you can use that money elsewhere.

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TimF10 (author)2016-02-02

How about heat shrink tube instead of glue?

DakLak (author)TimF102016-02-07

I have used heat shrink tubing but it has a shirt finite life until it splits.

jchavis2 (author)DakLak2016-05-03

Has anyone tried the self fusing silicone tape? I also know you can get heat shrink tape, but its a little pricey.

DavidM45 (author)TimF102016-02-02

That is an iPhone 4 cable and you can't get the heat shrink tube on it.

RobertA2 (author)DavidM452016-02-02

Split the HeatShrink, proceed as normal. Problem fixed.

TossManual (author)RobertA22016-02-26

In my experience, splitting the heatshrink will bring you back to square one. when it shrinks, it shrinks away from the split, rendering it useless. Please explain, if I'm wrong...

TimF10 (author)DavidM452016-02-02

I bet you could, with the right kind of heat shrink tube. I think I'd atleast wrap it in electrical tape or use liquid electrical tape to give it a better look.

jsorr (author)TimF102016-02-03

I wrapped black electrical tape around a frayed Apple cable and the adhesive dissolved the insulation coating on the cable. I couldn't believe it. I would advise against electrical tape!

DakLak (author)jsorr2016-02-07

Apple thinks of everything to keep on making that money. Perhaps they even have a patent on that cheap cable sheath that fails when someone tries to repair it.

DimitriosS3 (author)jsorr2016-02-06

If the insulation coating of the Apple cable got dissolved by a standard electrical tape adhesive I would advice against the Apple cable not the tape :)

Slot1Gamer (author)TimF102016-02-06

heat shrink that could fit over either the 30 pin plug or the newer style, is going to be too big and won't shrink enough to tightly grip the cable.

Electrical tape doesn't stick very well, shrinks, leaves sticky goo everywhere and looks ugly..

Liquid tape is a good idea though! :D

MoP1 (author)2016-02-12

If you don't have any pens to serve as spring donors, you can make your own spring:

preetirao (author)2016-02-10


I will do this. My charger is the same state as was yours.


macdravin (author)2016-02-02

Great idea. Great stress relief using the spring from the pen. Only additional idea I might add to it, is using colored hot glue sticks.

jeanniel1 (author)macdravin2016-02-07

They have colored glue sticks? Man! I want some!

macdravin (author)jeanniel12016-02-08

Yes they do. check the link.

silverfox69 (author)2016-02-02

Sugru..........saves the bother of mucking around with a spring.

jeanniel1 (author)silverfox692016-02-07

I used Sugru, but 1) it's expensive, 2) has a shelf life (some of my packets dried out even though they were sealed), 3) it didn't connect or stick to the cable and interface well, and keeps slipping down the cable after all that work. Neat colors though.

DakLak (author)2016-02-07

Great implementation! Pity IVES didn't have enough practical smarts as you have.

Of course, we should remember Apple depends on cheap quality cables to leep their cash flow, flowing.

hixair (author)2016-02-07

Or you pull the plug by the cable, they will inevitably fray. To prevent the cables from fraying, grab them from the plug !

Slot1Gamer (author)2016-02-06

You could do this as a preventative measure as well, use only a small amount if glue and a spring. like whats used on cloths iron leads, reduces a pinch point on the cable, from being moved a lot.

Slot1Gamer (author)2016-02-06

You may want to add that it's a good idea to check the cable for shorts before going ahead. :) Great instructable BTW :D

LeventeK1 (author)2016-02-06

i tried it once but it destroyed the rubber and the metal coat too.

Now i have one coverd with paracord and it seems working.

dragangeca made it! (author)2016-02-06

iphone 5, 5s

Grkehler (author)2016-02-03

How about coating it with silicone caulk and let it cure overnight.

MaliaD1 (author)2016-02-02

I have done this. But I use a short bit of the spring from spiral bound notebooks. I find the spring to be a bit more protective. I twist
The spring closed and make sure it isn't sharp. I never thought to cover with glue. My last one has been on for nearly 6 months! Thanks for posting this! I just never got around to it!

RobinH37 made it! (author)2016-02-02

I used packing tape around the frayed cable before wrapping wire from the cable end.

jeannehelena0808 (author)2016-02-02

Really nice but I think you should try glueing it straight onto the cable. Also, some parts of the rubber that's sort of fallen from the wire can be reused (?)

Good idea maybe you should use white glue sticks not clear, it covers the spring a bit more. Kinda obvious.

AndrewH167 (author)2016-02-02

I don't get it. Someone posts a really great idea and then lots of others pile in with better ways of doing it! Spring + glue is great, let it be.

bryan3141 (author)AndrewH1672016-02-02

That's the nature of the community. We are all makers here and the drive to improve is strong. I've seen instructibles posted where the comments end up being more valuable than the 'ible itself.

It is our strength.

NYT1 (author)2016-02-02

Great idea!... but isn't that useless pen in the landfill now? :-)

GeorgeMcKnight (author)NYT12016-02-02

Upcycle the tube and make yerself a pea shooter or if you have a bunch of them, cut them at different sizes and make a set of pan pipes, or snort coke...the ideas are endless (maybe not the snorting coke one...drugs are bad :-)

geppetto425 (author)2016-02-02

Yeah, heat shrink tubes are great but I love the spring. Kinda ugly though, so put a heat tube OVER the spring

gadsden (author)2016-02-02

Liquid electrical tape dissolved my iPhone line! I guess the cord is rubber, not plastic, and is damaged by solvents. My cord gradually crumbled where the liquid tape was applied.
I'm going to try the spring and hot glue. Thanks for the instructions!

LiamOSM (author)2016-02-02

I've also tried fixing these cables by cuttin the end off, putting on a piece of white heat shrink tubing, then soldering it back together and putting the heat shrink over. Infortunately the 30 pin connector cables are so wide on the ends that there's no way to put the heat shrink on without cutting the cale and re-soldering it.

verojeno (author)2016-02-02


how do you know these things.

FernandoR36 (author)2016-02-02

Well... I did something like that few months ago, and starts to 'break' others parts... So i just enroll all cable with a transparent tape and voilà, all problems solved...

DavidM45 (author)2016-02-02

personally I would only glue it at the top and let the spring do the work, that way you don't create another "stiff" spot.

GrandmaWendy (author)2016-01-29

I wonder if you add the spring BEFORE there is a problem, if it would prevent that kind of wear?

Planetloon (author)GrandmaWendy2016-02-02

It does. I've started putting springs (taken out of pens) on all my apple cables. It's a bit time consuming but it prevents the 'bubble' that seems to appear at the end of all apple product cables. The bubble is what caused the plastic sheath to split. If you put the spring on before the bubble appears, you don't need to use the glue gun.

TimF10 (author)GrandmaWendy2016-02-02

I'm wondering the same thing. I think the spring and some heat shrink tube would be a very clean setup.

Code Breaker (author)2016-01-30

Wrap 'self amalgamating' tape around it, this is best, quickest, cheapest and simplest solution!

DavidM45 (author)Code Breaker2016-02-02

Yes that's great stuff, get it from a marine store.

DavidM45 (author)Code Breaker2016-02-02

Yes that's great stuff, get it from a marine store.

Bindox (author)2016-02-02

Liquid electrical tape also works for this and comes in many colors.

KristinM5 (author)2016-02-02

check out this instructable to make your own springs for this project.

Kelpygirl made it! (author)2016-01-30


I did this about a year ago to my cable when it started to fray. The only thing I did differently was to wrap insulation tape over the bare wires instead of using glue. I have found that the spring hold really well with good flexibility and I don't have to fight with my kids arguing over whose cable it is now.

Fionaussie (author)2016-01-29

Good one!

stsduke (author)2016-01-29

Great idea....can't wait to try it with PlastiDip. Think it will be more pliable and the color options will look better than cloudy clear.

windkissed (author)2016-01-29

Interesting idea! I like the addition of the spring. I have used Sugro with good results... But in a pinch I like to your idea. Thanks for posting.

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