Introduction: Iphone Camera Deluxe

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Make your iPhone shine from the rest with a lens changing system and a camera handle plus skins.

Step 1: Camera Bracket

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I attached 2 metal plates to the flash bracket.
One plate allows me to attach the soft iPhone case to it.  The other plate adds capability to attach feet to the iPhone holder.

Make sure that there is some space between the iPhone case and the bottom of the bracket (it makes attaching the iPhone a lot easier}.

Step 2: Skins

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I then proceeded to photograph some old cameras in  order to create covers (skins) for the iphone.
They were printed and a small hole was cut out so as not to block the lens.

Step 3: Creating the Lens System

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Using parts from an erector set and magnets I was able to mount the lenses and change them easily.
The lenses came from various old cameras.

Step 4: Iphone in Actions

Picture of Iphone in Actions

Final product in action


drgnflyz (author)2013-03-05

Thanks for the awesome idea and plan! Have you made any mods or revisions to your original design? Starting to look around for parts. Just happened to pick up some vintage zeiss microscope lenses a few weeks ago- cant wait to see if any of them might work.

rrepass jr. (author)2011-08-31

does it matter what kind of lense you use? I would like to know how you came to decide on the lense. I don't know enough about lenses to make a choice, can you comment on this Catta. Thanks for the inspiration!

cattan (author)rrepass jr.2011-09-01

i used lenses from my vintage cameras thst i took apart.
I will try to post a description soon

troubledshooter (author)2011-09-01

Wow... Just... Wow.

Beergnome (author)2011-08-28

upon further review of the 'ible.. and it is indeed a fine 'ible.. looks great! and at the most a great tripod mount.. I don't see much of a point in using extra lenses though.. that's just me..
I was personally presuming that the button looking thing on top of the hand holdy looking thingy was a mechanical method of taking the picture.
if it is.. please forgive me because it's either not there, or I missed it.
and why bother with external lenses? if yer looking for the effect of the camera you are "skinning" then there are plenty of apps out there that will allow you to do that with out fiddling about with the optics.

other than that? a great instructable and the end product looks awesome!

and put me in with the Video instrucables.. especially the ones that go "hey look at this thing I did, and what it does!

cattan (author)Beergnome2011-08-29

The different lenses allow you to get extreme macro photography at different magnifications. look at the last page of the instructable it shows some samples. .

jeromelb (author)cattan2011-08-30

Cattan, You have my support on this one.

Sure, Beergnome, you can use software to edit the photos, but any software is limited by the source image. The tiny lens on an iphone can only capture detail in a limited focal range. If you want to take photos in the macro range, an external lens is essential. Also, while the iphone has digital zoom, all that does is limit the captured image to a smaller portion of the imaging chip, which decreases the number of pixels that you are using. Adding another lens lets you zoom and still use all the pixels the iphone is capable of capturing. One last thing, a larger lens gathers more light and you will be able to take pictures in lower light situations than you could with the iphone alone.

Mad inventor (author)2011-08-28

Beautyfull... ba little steampunky, I love that

jamwaffles (author)2011-08-28

This tutorial has plenty of pictures and a good description. What's hard to follow about that?

totszwai (author)jamwaffles2011-08-28

You need to know that for the person who did the DIY, is always easy for them. However, you need to keep in mind that there are other people out there who aren't familiar with DIY.

I've been DIY modding my car and been writing articles about car modding for a while, so when I look at your pictures, I have an idea on how to build the whole thing with stuff from Home Depot, however, if you are writing an article to showcase your work, you should always write it in details, otherwise don't bother writing one.

When writing a DIY guide, you should always list all the necessary parts, where you bought them, tools that you used, detail steps that you've taken during your work etc. You should also ASSUME people who read your article have little to no knowledge on DIY before.

Anyway, I don't own an iPhone, but this is definitely an interesting DIY.

emerson.john (author)2011-08-28

Excellent instructable! Please don't bother with a video. They are never as good as text plus pictures. I usually skip instructables which require me to watch a video.

tcarney57 (author)emerson.john2011-08-28

I'll second that on required videos. Video supplements just for fun? Okay. But I probably won't watch them.

lamoe (author)2011-08-28

Very nice - must uphold honor of HTC EVO - will post Ultimate Wally World phone camera rig.

bobby sissom (author)2011-08-24

and i quit usingmy digital camera cuase the ipod was taking over,now you have me wanting to retro fit my phone to replace said camera ha ha lol

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