Introduction: Iphone Movie Theater

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Step 1:

You will need a
Huge box
Something you can cut the box
Your device
And you neck!

Step 2:

You will need to make a hole in the box to out your head in the box to watch the movie. So go cut the box go look at the picture for the example.

Step 3:

Then you get your device like an apple device. So put a pen marks around your device, then you cut BUT. if theirs 2 layers then cut one layers complete put the other layer just leave it flaps so it can hold the device but if one layer of the box then leave the flap just cut it but have little flips to hold your device.

Step 4:

Then your done! Enjoy!
Again picture not mine their was no step by step things to say, to make this so, I wanted to show everyone and understands how to make this so enjoy this!


Huntik made it! (author)2015-05-29

That little slot at the top was to keep it nice and dark . All the other stuff on top was to block out light coming theough holes. I made mods of this??

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