Picture of Iphone Stand Car Dock
Instead of buying an expensive dock for my car, I decided to make my own. I already have a charger/amfm transmitter, all I needed was the holder. A new law hawaii makes it illegal to have a cellphone in your hand while driving, this is my solution. With a new job coming up that will involve a lot of driving, I figure it would be nice to look at the map while kind of looking at the road.


Clothes pin
L bracket
2 Screws or super glue

Optional Materials
Small metal plate + nut and bolt
Drill + Bits

'ibles that were drew from:
1st for clip 2nd for velcro

Step 1: Pilot Holes/Super Glue

Picture of Pilot Holes/Super Glue
Picture 007.jpg
Picture 001.jpg
Picture 005.jpg
This step can be skipped if you use super glue, but what the heck, I had the tools. Take apart clothes pin if you're gonna drill, make sure clothes pin doesnt go past the L bracket or itll hit the bottom of the phone.
edtrash3 years ago
nice versa!