Iphone Bluetooth Control Arduino





Introduction: Iphone Bluetooth Control Arduino

Step 1: How-To


- Arduino (im used nano)

- HM-10 BLE module

- Iphone 4S or later, and Ipad with BLE (maybe from the "air"?)

- LightBlue app from App Store (Free)


Its similar as other bluetooth modules (HC-05/06) See image if not clear.

Arduino RX to Bluetooth TX

Arduino TX to Bluetooth RX

Bluetooth GND to Arduino GND

Bluetooth VCC to Arduino 3v3 (if basic BLE module without power shield)

If you connect the BLE module to the arduino, and using long time, then place 1K resistor between the

Arduino TX and BLE RX pin, and 2K resistor from between 1K and the GND.

IOS app:

The LightBlue app, very easy use.

After connected to the BLE module, change the "HEX" in the top right corner to "STRING"

Then can send any character or word to the arduino.

With the "Write new value" button can add the strings, what you want to send to the arduino.

If you create a new string, th app send it to the arduino immediately.

Turn on the "listen for notifications", then you can see the data from the arduino side too.

Watch the video for more details.

EDIT: Arduino code download link in video description.

Happy controlling :)



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    Hi, I am new to the arduino stuff. One quick qs, is it ok to use arduino uno for this project?

    Will the HM-10 and HM-11 work on both android and ios? I am working on something that will require access from and android and ios devices

    I was using samsung s6 for year and now i have iphone 7 but the problem in with ios is HC-06 is not working so please help me that and i made a home door lock through bluetooth,rfid,fingerprint and voice activation. which bluetooth module do i use HC-06 or HM-10

    HC-05/06 are non BLE modules. For iphone, use HM-10 or HM-11.

    Hi, I'm using HC-08, which is probably a clone of HM-10 according to internet.
    My iphone detected it with Lightblue, but it doesn't show up on the bluetooth device list on my Macbook. Does Macbook (pro retina, Yosemite) support Bluetooth LE device too?

    H, sorry, don't know, i have no Mac device.

    And I wonder if it is possible to send UART messages to the module? I've tried sending messages like AT, AT+RX and it doesn't reply at all.

    Would it work if I use an HC-06 instead of the hm 10???? Thanks ;)