A restraint system for an iPhone or iPod Touch for the car. Uses items that you have in home, only buy Velcro ($3), a green concept!

After finding no discreet support in the market specific for the iPhone, I decided to make one myself.

(more information at http://www.estudidisseny.com/iphonecar/ )
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Step 1: Step 1 - USB cable...

Picture of Step 1 - USB cable...
We need three sleeves from the cables that come with the Apple USB cables (surely there are other objects that you can use).

(more information at http://www.estudidisseny.com/iphonecar/ )
(font: http://www.estudidisseny.com )
iKill7 years ago
hmmm i sense a jailbroken apple device
duh, you can see activator on the first pic
wow this is realy cool. cant wait til someonr makes voise control program. then i could make it hands free, GPS, Phone, Music.
DUUUDE you predicted SIRI before Steve JOBS!
if only ibles had a like button
then youd get my like
radame4 years ago
This is VERY GOOD! i have this is my car now...
ssoltero6 years ago
Wow, this looks like a great idea. I'm gonna see if I can give it a whirl.
love it (jailbroken:D) im looking to upgrade to an ihone from a touch anyone know if its a good idea?
Me, I love my iPhone. Where I work, my group supports the Exchange environment, and thus works with all of the mobile devices we give to salespeople/VPs/etc. The iPhone is the easiest to use and seems to be the most reliable. I used to have to reboot my Treo daily, I haven't rebooted my iPhone in the two weeks I've had it. That being said, connectivity with Exchange sucks and we won't support them in our environment.
not really worth it
These are the best iPhone pictures I will/ have ever see/ seen.
CyberBill7 years ago
Just finished mine! :) I bought an iPhone 3G and used a box cutter to trim the white plastic packaging it came in. Instead of using USB clippie things, I took a CD and cut some small strips and used a soldering iron to bend them. Then I used epoxy to glue those strips to the trimmed packaging. Instead of using 3 clippies, I only used two. One is at the very top middle of the phone, and the other is in the lower left, coming in towards the home button. I covered the back with velcro and put velcro on the dash of my car. It holds pretty well and, like your setup, allows me to rotate and move the iPhone around.
Sirius Lock7 years ago
I'm in the middle of making this for my ipod touch, all I need it some plastic thats similar in shape and density to whats on the usb cable thing. I lost my original and after asking around, no one has any.
bernat (author)  Sirius Lock7 years ago
Well, you must be imaginetive
codester7 years ago
Love the good pics!!!!!
bernat (author) 7 years ago
I have rewritten again badly translated texts. Thank you CyberBill
CyberBill7 years ago
Great pictures, they were easy to follow... but the text is another story... I'm guessing you wrote this in a different language and translated it. You might want to get it rewritten, because it is pretty hard (impossible) to understand.

From step 10:
"The pieces are pasted elastic and allow the iPhone between and remain subject." == WTF?

Again, other than the text, its a great instructable. :)
bernat (author)  CyberBill7 years ago
Yes, you're right, I know. I'm from Spain and I don't speak english very well, I use a translator, but you're right, I have to fix it, and I will do, sure!. Thanks to your post!
ChefAlex7 years ago
Awesome! Your images are great, especially the ones with it in the car. Nice job, I really hope to see more from you. +1 rating.