Picture of Ipod  Stand
In this instructable I will show you how to make a dock for your ipod,
it only works with video, classic and original (thats 3rd generation).

Step 1: Building the parts

Picture of building the parts
You need to make 2 of the big one
and only one of each of the other 2
You also need 4 long blues
Love it it's perfect
I have a 4s. Will this work?
Bartboy (author)  ParaGunner13241 year ago

It would, there might be a nicer one somewhere but this uses a nice low amount of pieces.

I think it could be a bit smaller
Bartboy (author)  "The_Master"5 years ago
This sucks, in every way. My Nano one is much smaller.
whipit856 years ago
thanks, i had just enough pieces on me to make it, works great, i'm gonna keep using it from now on!
farmerben6 years ago
can u use lego
Bartboy (author)  farmerben6 years ago
yeah, but you need to make your own deseign, so no, look at all the other ones
Ipod Touch is better!!!
FSPilotsuk7 years ago
This is a Great idea i dont have to use alot of knex now Thanks,
hi bro xxx night
Bartboy (author) 7 years ago
not at all!
bobshowers7 years ago
would this scratch your ipod???
gmjhowe7 years ago
Nice, looks good, tho it looks a little bit pulled, on some of the pieces.
Bartboy (author)  gmjhowe7 years ago
yeah it is a little
pretty simple, pretty effective! good job. +1
Obsessive7 years ago
Pretty cool! Nice instructable. Is there a similar design you could make for the ipod nano?
Bartboy (author)  Obsessive7 years ago
try replacing the blues with whites or greens
Bartboy (author)  Obsessive7 years ago
I could, but i dont have one