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Introduction: Ipod Book Case

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Here is my perfected version of the standard book case. I did not create an Instructable as there are to many out there!

The main difference that most did not have was the velcro and the fact that it is the perfect size for this device. Other than that, just you average book. Or is it? Take your time with it and it will look really nice.

Hope you like it!



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    I just got Rush Limbaugh's horrible book at a goodwill that I am in the process of doing this to lol

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    Nice! It's always better to use an old book, rather than a new one.

    I used to use one of these. I used "A Tale of Two Cities" (I hated it, some love it.) I later improved my design by adding a book mark that covered up the hole for earphones. I would still be using this today if my iPod mini AND radio faceplate AND my pair of fuzzy dice weren't stolen out of my car the day before the first day of school. Fun stuff. Right now I am working on a free book that I got from the library (discarded) and I am cutting out a slot for my iPod touch, my cell phone, and my earphones.