Ipod Engraving, on the Cheapo...





Introduction: Ipod Engraving, on the Cheapo...

Disclaimer: This is my very first instructable. It might be crappy and if it is, please bear with me and leave me a wee bit of constructive criticism. Oh yeah i am also not responsible when you screw up your own iPod.

so im jealous of the back of new zunes, right who isnt?

Step 1: Materials!!

-A sharp mind and body. ie. dont try this after drinking a whole spike energy drink or after six shots of tequelia maybe
-An iPod with a shiny back, maybe one with a matte back?
-A xacto knife
-Tape, most kinds will do, yep this mandatory
- felt tip pen, but not permanent marker

Step 2: Drawing

Draw directly onto the ipod with your felt tip. try not to make things too complicated

Step 3: Tape

I can hear you say why tape?

well there are two reasons,
-Stability, No-slip, cause stray X-acto scratches are bad.
-good to know where you already cut

and for the image i am not actually engraving boob! it is just for tutorial purposes.

Step 4: SliceCut

Start cutting. a few tips.
-maintain even pressure through out the word unless using advanced technique
-get it right the first time
-Paitence is key

one interesting idea is to just remove the letter pecies of tape and use sandpaper, steel wool or scotchbrite pads to brushfinish the letters

Step 5: Results.

Yes! This looks great in person. i think this will be a great anti-theft feature. and it is quite stylish at the same time

I also made that case, but thats another instructable...



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    You should post an i'ble on how to get your birthmark


    when u buy a ipod they can engrave it for FREE. and u can send ur ipod to them wow life is so hard isnt it?

    Wow, you are really, really creative.

    Says the person scratching it in with an X-acto


    Just go to the fricken ipod store and get it ingraved its free. and it has all the same sized font

     hey be quiet why dont you? dont be so hard on people. Why dont you try being more creative and think of some tips to say not mean things

    right cuz something about scratching and x-acto knives arent creative? jeez give him a break.


    well id rather not have chicken scatch on my ipod when i can have someone do it very nicely.