Ipod Shuffle Packaging Electric Instrument





Introduction: Ipod Shuffle Packaging Electric Instrument

This was my way of saying "hey I can wire a simple electric instrument"(proof of concept) and build something small and light weight. The components are a:
output jack(stereo)
all the parts and some guitar wiring tips can be found at http://www.stewmac.com/shop/Electronics,_pickups.html
(not trying to endorse stewmac.com)
i picked up most of the parts at radio shack and from an old beat up violin a have. so if you really want to make one, do it. Then paint it funky colors, wire it with two pickups( I'm working on that one) build in a preamp basically do anything with it( except rape that is never acceptable).



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    I like it!!---Read the heading and looked up at the shelf where the packaging from my shuffle was sitting. Gotta build one---an electric diddly bow!--Only thing I might suggest is a thicker piece of wood, two pieces glued together and an angled hole where the violin peg comes through, but that is all---great re-cycle

    Wrong. A pickup used in an electric instrument like a guitar is not like the reverse of a speaker. A pickup picks up the fluctuations in its magnetic field that are generated by the vibration of the strings. A microphone, the reverse of a speaker, picks up the sound waves and generates a magnetic field making electricity. Completely different things here.

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    then why can it be used as a week pickup? the sound waves cause two magnetic plates in a microphone to vibrate causing a fluxuation in magnetic fields, like a pickup

    yep, reverse engineering, the concept for speakers and pickups are the same.

    I was thinking about building this, but i have no clue what the pickup is or where to get a single string pickup. Could you possibly tell me what it is?

    I'm missing something here. What does this have to do with ipods?

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    the body is made from the packaging of a ipod shuffle

    That's awesome. Looks cool, easy, nice, cool again, you know, the awesomeness. Are you going to post an Instructable? That would be great!

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    i think i will post an instructable some time soon. yea it was a really fun little project. also ill include some details on wiring because i had a lot of trouble finding information about that sorta thing.