Make a Ipod Touch dock from the plastic case it comes in.

Step 1: Materials

Ipod touch case
Drill (if you what0
3 Screws
Exacto Knife (for touchup)
Safety Goggles

Step 2: Step 1

Cut the top in half with the dremel and smooth the edges with the exacto.

Step 3: Step 2

Drill holes in the case to make it easier for you to screw in the screws.

Step 4: Step 3

Now, dremel the case so that you can fit an ipod cord through it.
Sorry about the bad picture.

Step 5: Congratulations Your Finished!

Hope you liked it please comment and tell me what you think. You could also do this vertically.
PS: use macro in your photos ; )<br />
Thanks...you got my brain bubbling, and made THIS version:<br /> <br /> I GlueStick'd clear tubing (3/8 ID/1/2 OD) on 2 sides, with a thin wooden spacer for snug fit. Dremel'd entry side and cut a finger slot for EZ removal of iPod.<br /> The larger 1/2 of case is perfect for horizontal viewing vids, and when not using it, case is big enuff to store charging cable &amp; Aux. input cable too.
you put a little more effort in yours lol

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