I was inspired to create this ipod case while staring at my cat, who was intently chasing the cursor on the computer screen.  I was reading about the Summer Yarns Contest when it hit me that I should make something that many, many people would find useful and cute.  So I put the goofy face of a cross-eyed cat, having fun chasing the cursor on a computer screen on a useful tote for the most popular gadget of today.

Step 1: What You Need

What you need:
~Two different colors of yarn
~Two buttons, color of your choice for the eyes
~One button to match your main color of yarn
~A pink or red button for the nose
~A 5.5mm crochet hook
Knowledge you need:
~Double Crochet
~Chain stitch
~How to tie off 
~How to connect two pieces of yarn
~How to handle a needle and thread for sewing on the buttons
Please check out the summer yarns contest, and vote for your favorite!

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