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Hi All

I have a ipod touch , and i was really tired of charging the ipod by having a computer always turned on.

I wanted to make my own charger and i did and hope it will be helpfull for some of you.

I apologize my bad english :)

The idea behind this project was , make a charger for my ipod,  as cheap as possible, and maybe you using some of old parts i had and reuse them , so the cost price were as little as possible :)

I have reused a USB socket , and 5V DC adapter , and 2 resistor which are size of 150Kohm,

This is my first instruction, please enjoy it and let me know if you have comments

Thanks in advance

Step 1: Finding the Materials :)

Picture of Finding the Materials :)

You need an USB socket or extention

Step 2: Adapter

Picture of Adapter

I had several chargers which i haven`t used in very long time , and i thought i could use this for my charger.

When you charge your ipod throug your computer, the maximum current you can get from your computer USB port is about 500mA

The adapter :DC 5V and current output is 700mA

All adapters has label , where you can read the what the output voltage and currents are. 

Step 3: Schematic & Info.

Picture of Schematic & Info.

Before you can begin to solder

-You have to cut the end of the adapter , so you have adapter and a good length of the cable available.

-Since we will solder the cable from the adapter to the USB  socket  terminals , you can adjust the lenght of the wires or  
remove the wires inside the usb socket. there should be enough space to add two resistor as specified.

The USB cabel have 4 leads/ connection pins which is D-, D+ , Gnd , VDD (+5V)

Connect it as i did , and you are on safe side :)

If you only have resistors of 100K please check the second attached picture.

Step 4: Inside the Usb , With Connections

Picture of Inside the Usb , With Connections

Here is my work .

The adapter was soldered to the USB socket pins with the specified two resistors of size of 150K ohm,

You may try to see if you can get it work with looser wires , after working stage , you can always do the wires shorter , and make the necessary cosmetic changes :)

Please notice, wires must not short-circuit if they are not insulated. 

Step 5: WHole Thing :)

Picture of WHole Thing :)

As you can see, if looks very pro :)

You just need to power it up , and connect the Ipod touch to it :)

Step 6: Working :D

Picture of Working :D

Here is the final circuit :)


amooshahrokh (author)2013-04-10

thank you very much,it can charge iPod,and iPad too. very nice thanks again.the original charger of iPod couldn't charge ipad.

imrankhan110 (author)2011-09-26

How do I use a 6 V 200MAH solar cell to power the stuff instead of the adaptor.. Please help

youdontneedmyemail (author)2011-07-28

Or you could go to and buy a "European Type Optional AC Charger for Apple iPods and Iphone 4G with Dock Connector (White) " for $5.92, which includes shipping all over the world:-)

newton.95.dan (author)2011-04-28

can you use a 150-ohm 1/8 watt resistor

Gokhan (author)newton.95.dan2011-04-29

I have used two resistor, maybe you can use one but if you have more than one than use two, just to be on safe side:)

newton.95.dan (author)Gokhan2011-04-30

well I have two 150-ohm 1/8 watt resistors but the tutorial calls for two 150k-ohm resistor. Will that work?

Gokhan (author)newton.95.dan2011-05-01

Sorry i thought it was the same size resistor as mine, i guess it will work but if you have bigger resistor you can use them, like 100k, 80k

newton.95.dan (author)Gokhan2011-05-01

Oh ok. Thanks

Gokhan (author)newton.95.dan2011-05-01

But use resistor close to 150k, you can also use bigger than 150k.

newton.95.dan (author)Gokhan2011-05-01

oh ok. Do which one would be better: 100k or 200k

Gokhan (author)newton.95.dan2011-05-02

If you have many 100k resistor you can put two 100k in parrallel which will give total resistor of 50k than you can put one 100k resistor in serie with those two resistor with total of 50k. It will give you a total resistance of 150k and same can you do with the other part

newton.95.dan (author)Gokhan2011-05-02

Sorry for asking so many questions but what is the difference between parallel and in series?

Gokhan (author)newton.95.dan2011-05-03

I will send you a picture of the whole circuit, later :)

newton.95.dan (author)Gokhan2011-05-03

Oh alright thanks.

Gokhan (author)newton.95.dan2011-05-03

Hi my friend,

Sorry it took time , i can not post the image here , dont know why,

Please have a look at this link


Uploaded with [URL=][/URL]

newton.95.dan (author)Gokhan2011-05-03

Hey thanks a lot. That really helped now I just need to run to radio shack and get the supplies. Thanks for the picture. :)

Gokhan (author)newton.95.dan2011-05-04

No problem my friend, let me know how it goes

Gokhan (author)2011-05-03

i have by now updated my guide now , if you look at the Step 2: Schematic & info.

You will , under the first picture see , an other picture, click on that , and you will see the new schematic with only 100k resistors :)

Pilusca (author)2010-07-01

It' s working! I used one 12V DC power supply , with one 7805 power regulator, and two 150K resistors Good job Thanks

Gokhan (author)Pilusca2011-04-29

Glad to hear it works: )

nelsonguitar (author)2010-11-06

Very good idea ,I try to charge an iPod touch using an iPod classic charger
and it didn't work
I found your tutorial and saved £20

Gokhan (author)nelsonguitar2010-11-09

Good to hear it helps on budget

withmari (author)2010-10-09

it works great for my ipod touch

used a old samsung phone adapter 5V 700MA

cutting off end and soldring a usb-in on it.

redsox14 (author)2009-11-08

Used the same circuit, but with solar panel for my ipod touch 1st generation and did not work.  Multi-meter reads 5v output.  Any suggestions?

dark sponge (author)redsox142010-01-05

 Does your solar panel put out enough current (ma)? If it does not have enough, the voltage drops when the load is connected.

raykholo (author)dark sponge2010-09-02

Add a 5.5v supercap so that the system will have some reserve current. You will need a diode, preferably a low dropout one to maximize efficiency.

JLain32 (author)2010-02-20

You don't need to add the resistors, just connect the D+ to the D- and It will work fine.  I have built several chargers using this method with no problems.

Rayadillo (author)JLain322010-06-19

i connect mine and they dont work :/ whats wrong?

Gokhan (author)Rayadillo2010-06-23

hello Rayodillo Are you sure that you have connected the pins as it showen ? is that for your ipod touch? Something is wrong with the wires :)

Rayadillo (author)Gokhan2010-06-24

Yes I have. And yes it is. it cant be the only thing is that it im getting the power from a 6V solar cell 50mAh :/

rkr (author)JLain322010-02-27

You're right, it works.

JLain32 (author)rkr2010-02-27

Glad I was able to help you out with a simpler drsign

cbhargava (author)2009-04-18

What generation if your ipod touch? I tried on the 2nd gen Ipod Touch, it did not work for me. Anyone has any suggestions? Thanks.

Gokhan (author)cbhargava2010-06-23

maybe its littel late to answer you guys , but this is for the second generation of the ipod touch, i am not sure how the pin configuration is on the first gen.

redsox14 (author)cbhargava2009-11-17

Same thing here..1st generation iPod touch does not work.

neumanngregor (author)2009-04-26

Why in the world whud you put power on the data pins of the usb (marked as D+ and D-) ? Better stay away from them or you cud damage the ipod. Power flows on the +5 and gnd, no need for more ...

Gokhan (author)neumanngregor2010-06-23

I have tried your methode, than the ipod touch won`t charge

i made an iphone 3g charger and yes you need the two middle pins. it tells the iphone/ipod touch that it is ok to charge

because apple, in all their glorious wisdom, decided that ipod touches, iphones, and new nanos should only charge if power comes from the data pins as well. as long as it stays within usb range, it should be okay

wow, did not know that, apple worked kinda messy, i mean any china made mp3/mp4 player is folowing "the rules of usb pinout" or perhaps the ipod needs more power and drains from the data pin too ?

no, its just that apple didn't want you charging your iphone from any old charger, just the ones they sanctioned. the way the ipod's system works, it only accepts a charge if the software senses a signal in the data pins as well.

lukaj2003 (author)blakdragon192009-07-28

I was planning on making a universal USB solar charger and was wondering what would happen if I were to make it iPod compatible (Putting the resistors on the data pins). Would it have any adverse effects on normal (non-iPod) USB devices? Thanks.

blakdragon19 (author)lukaj20032009-07-28

As far as I know, no. Most USB devices that you are charging probably fo connect to a computer, and utilize the data pins then, even if they don't during normal charging. In this case, it would just mean that said device would think it was hooked up to the computer, rather than just a plain old charger, and should still work fine. Other things that you may charge thru USB, like backup batteries and such, may not even have the data pins connected, and these would likewise be fine if you charged them with power at the data pins. If you are wary, or just not sure, get out your multimeter and test your device's standard charger.

Gokhan (author)neumanngregor2009-05-05

thanx to blackdragon for his explanation about the +d -d data and power :) nothing is easy at the first look but after a closer look you will se a simplier world front of you :)

smashpoe (author)2010-05-01

Try out this design!---Small-battery-powered-USB-charger/

redxine (author)2010-04-07

If you're still afraid of pumping any voltage into the D pins, I got mine to work by simply wiring the D+ and D- pins together.  I suppose the wiring ends up crossing the two (power and D+/-) at some point, so this works. And it shouldn't have any effects on non-apple devices.

max1zzz (author)redxine2010-04-28

I didn't want to pump voltage down d+ and d- then i read this, it is a much simpler methord and it works (so now my portable 9v ipod charger cost £0)

pablosartor (author)2010-02-16

here is my 12 AA iphone charger with a similar schematic. it rocks i get about 10 charges before i have to recharge the unit. Pictured is my first version with just 4 aa batteries (NIMH)

xAxrules (author)2009-12-30

adapted my charger to do it, and it works fine off a 9v through a 5v regulator with the +5v being in contact with D+, D- and +5v pins on the usb (BTW I am using a 3rd Gen iPod touch)

Chromatica (author)2009-11-07

Going to radio shack today to bulid this
Hope it works.

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