Ipod Touch- Computer Monitor


Introduction: Ipod Touch- Computer Monitor

Ipod Touch it's great it has so many applications, heres another.
       Use Your Ipod Touch/ iPhone as Wireless Monitor 
This is also great if you have an old laptop, to make it faster use a cat-5 (ethernet) cable.
All you need is:
iPod Touch/ iPhone- with vnc client (I use VNC lite)
Apple Macintosh
Screen Recycler

Step 1: Screen Recycler

 Once downloaded install it and look in the folder then open screen recycler. 
It will ask if you want to buy it, I didn't I clicked Buy Later, the demo mode is unlimited but you only have 20 minutes a go.
Take note of the ip address and the port.

Then go to the ipod/iphone and type the ip address on the screen recycler window and change the port (if necessary).
(6900 is the default port)

Step 2: Finished

 Now your ipod/iphone is a working second monitor drag windows from monitor to monitor.
    It is great for those with a Macbook or other that has only one display out and want more than one.



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    Is this only for mac?

    Ok well I pretty much just facepalmed. If you have Mac OSX 10.5 and above then this will work.

    Goto system prefs > sharing > tick screen sharing > then connect to the ip address shown on screen.

    Mac OS has a vnc server built in.

    You can also google iDisplay for Windows, its $4.99 but well worth it.

    use the jumione app i have listed above.

     hackintosh :)

     Sorry it took so long I have been searching and I have not found any ways, this is the only way I no of.

    i have a better idea, go to the app store and get an app called "JumiOne" its like this except you can use it on any type of computer and its easier to install. also you can connect to your computers music and webcam, so i can be used as a wireless remote also. to get the other half you need for your computer just go to "Jumitech.com" they also have examples of their products there.

     Thats great i have an ipod touch and I already have a monitor plugged in to the only display port so this works great so happy to find this i also used an old laptop this method.