Ipod Touch it's great it has so many applications, heres another.
       Use Your Ipod Touch/ iPhone as Wireless Monitor 
This is also great if you have an old laptop, to make it faster use a cat-5 (ethernet) cable.
All you need is:
iPod Touch/ iPhone- with vnc client (I use VNC lite)
Apple Macintosh
Screen Recycler

Step 1: Screen Recycler

 Once downloaded install it and look in the folder then open screen recycler. 
It will ask if you want to buy it, I didn't I clicked Buy Later, the demo mode is unlimited but you only have 20 minutes a go.
Take note of the ip address and the port.

Then go to the ipod/iphone and type the ip address on the screen recycler window and change the port (if necessary).
(6900 is the default port)

Step 2: Finished

 Now your ipod/iphone is a working second monitor drag windows from monitor to monitor.
    It is great for those with a Macbook or other that has only one display out and want more than one.
Is this only for mac?
Ok well I pretty much just facepalmed. If you have Mac OSX 10.5 and above then this will work. <br> <br>Goto system prefs &gt; sharing &gt; tick screen sharing &gt; then connect to the ip address shown on screen. <br> <br>Mac OS has a vnc server built in.
how do i do this in windows vista<br />
You can also google iDisplay for Windows, its $4.99 but well worth it.
use the jumione app i have listed above.
&nbsp;hackintosh :)
&nbsp;Sorry it took so long I have been searching and I have not found any ways, this is the only way I no of.
i have a better idea, go to the app store and get an app called &quot;JumiOne&quot; its like this except you can use it on any type of computer and its easier to install. also you can connect to your computers music and webcam, so i can be used as a wireless remote also. to get the other half you need for your computer just go to &quot;Jumitech.com&quot; they also have examples of their products there.
&nbsp;Thats great i have an ipod touch and I already have a monitor plugged in to the only display port so this works great so happy to find this i also used an old laptop this method.

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