Ipod Touch / Iphone Holder DIY





Introduction: Ipod Touch / Iphone Holder DIY

About: I'm a Dutch 16 year old guy. Gaming and Film-making is my passion. I like watching movies a lot too.

An Iphone / Ipod Touch Holder made form an IKEA lamp, an Iphone / Ipod Touch case and the upper part of an tripod.



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    Thank you very much! I invented this 2 years ago but don't make a lot of things anymore because I don't always have time for it :(

    I love this, it would solve all my bedtime iPhone problems !!!
    Great ible

    Magnificent! Well done you. I have an old dud lamp like this. Thoroughly looking forward to repurposing it. Shall also try an iPad fixing. Thanks for the idea.

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