Picture of Ipod Touch bicycle mount

This is not going to be fully step by step guide but i'll go through the steps how i made the Ipod Touch mount quickly.
It's because it was about half year ago when i made it and i don't have enough video/ photo material to make fully step by step guide. Anyways i'll try to give you as much information as i can.
I made this mount mainly because i wanted to use GPS on my bicycle but i also found myself listening music while riding with my bike (but not too loudly so i still could hear the traffic well). The case works both in landscape and portrait, I also found out that when i removed the mount from my bike i could use it as a stand for watching movies or reading e-books for example.
I'm really happy with the final result and that's why i thought it's worth sharing.
The mount i made is usable with Ipod Touch 2G but it might work with 3G and some other version also. When you start making your own you should measure over the measurements just in case.

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Step 1: Making template

Picture of Making template
For a first i took a piece of paper and folded it around my Ipod to see about how big piece i need. I measured the length and width of my Ipod and drew the rectangle with these measurements to the paper. luckily i used squared paper so i still can show you the measurements i got (i'll include these on picture). So i made other measurements that were needed and cut out the template around the edges.
In case you have Solid Edge or some othe CAD software i also included the dft file of measurements drawing. 

Step 2: Drawing template on copper

Picture of Drawing template on copper
I used about 0,7mm thick copper plate and draw the shape of case on it using the template. I used the sharp metal "pencil" to draw on copper and i also used straight wooden stick to ensure the straight lines.

Step 3: Cutting the copper plate

Picture of Cutting the copper plate
I used metal scissors to cut out the outer edges of the case. 
stef_rad8 months ago
This is a very smart idea, I'm happy I found this for my bike!!!!

Oh yeah and what is the app called????
ploomus (author)  stef_rad8 months ago

Ou, thank you, the app is called TomTom (you need a seperate equipment and jailbreake to make it work on Ipod touch - at least till the 3rd generation ipod I think).

stef_rad8 months ago
This is a very smart idea, I'm very happy I found this!!!!!!

Oh and what is the app called
now this is so awesome because now u can listen to music while riding your bike instead of holding it and having a crash this would be better for many reasons and thanks ploomus
onrust2 years ago
Love the copper and clean design.....BUT........can't you put the thing down long enough for a bike ride. Just kidding :)
ploomus (author)  onrust2 years ago
Haha, I love bike rides, they are even more enjoyable with the music along =)
profpat2 years ago
nice one! will try it out with my samsung!
zymie2 years ago
nice job!
ploomus (author)  zymie2 years ago
Thank you!
bobcat19472 years ago
Ploomus, you did a great job. It's easy to see you spent quite a bit of time on it , and the end result is a well-made piece. I've used those bike reflector mounts for other mp3 players, and they work great to get things mounted to handlebars. I'm going to use yours as a guide to make a bike holder for my granddaughter's ipod. Thanks for the thoroughness :)
SavannasauR3 years ago
Wow I would so buy one of these if they were on the market
where did u buy the bicycle bracket...?

ploomus (author)  instructablescool3 years ago
I got it from old bicycle light for free
Stripes0034 years ago
Can't quite read the name on the picture. What is that GPS attachment you have on your ipod?
ploomus (author)  Stripes0034 years ago
It's iGPS360, available at Orange Gadgets ;)
nfk114 years ago
can you also make it to where you can put a smart fone like the sprint seek.
ploomus (author)  nfk114 years ago
It's absolutely possible to do it ;). But the best way to do these cases/mounts is when you have actual device or phone, then you can take measurements from there and make it fit perfectly. I personally cant probably make it because i don't have that phone.
iPodGuy4 years ago
I really like this.
ploomus (author)  iPodGuy4 years ago
That's good to know ;). Thank you!