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Introduction: Ipod USB Charger

the Apple brand ipod charger is outrageously expensive. i bought my 1st gen nano from a friend for $50, the Apple usb charger is $39.99. to make this unit, i will show you how to take apart a dc wall adapter without ruining it.

Step 1: Opening the Wall Wort

opening these can be quite difficult. i found that cutting of the cord at the base and prying the case apart is the easiest method.
I used a chisel to slice the cord at its base, no damage to the case.
As you can see in the photos the chisel is facing away from the plastic so it doesn't gouge it.

Step 2: Prying Apart the Wall Plug

in order to make the case able to put together again, the shells need to fit each other.
I used a flat head screw driver to pry the case open.
in the photos, i had to use a different plug, the wires leading to the primary coil were melted and not fixable.

Step 3: Desoldiering

next we need to desoldier the circuit board from transformer. this allows room for the regulator.

Step 4: Usb-ness

to cut out the hole in the case i used a dremel with the paper disk. this allows an opening for the usb plug. If you are trying to find the usb female plug, try exploring old mother boards, and usb hubs.

Step 5: Hot Glue

i used hot glue to attach the regulator to the inside of the housing. it was a tight fit. i also glued in the usb plug, try not to get glue inside the plug, if you do its ok. over time the glue inside the plug will wear away.

Step 6: Almost Done

now soldier in the AC to DC board. this converts the transformer output to usable DC current.

Step 7: Put'n It Together

now its time to trim up the long wires and glue the unit back together. the nippers below, i believe this is what there intended to do.



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    How to open any Charger without visible damage . 0/4https://www.instructables.com/files/deriv/FOE/OQLF/HINOCOVR/FOEOQLFHINOCOVR.SQUARE.jpg


    Use 2 pieces cardboard or any other protection., and make a sandwich with the charger in between,hammer carefully round. no visible damage to the box. After repair glue it back with contact glue. You wont notice any exterior damage. Foto 1 after job been done

    that "thing with the wheel" is a dremel with a cut off disk. depending on how many speeds it has or how many accessories it comes with, they can range from i believe 19 to the mid 40's at walmart. on a more personal note? learn how to spell mate. ive seen 2nd graders who spell better then that.

    I have a modded wall wart, it originally lets out 5v, so i just put in a usb cord. it charges other usb things fine (psp) but it wont charge my ipod touch. it worked when the ipod had an extremely low battery. like it wont let you do anything, only shows a battery. but when it turned on, it stopped charging.

    You might not be running the right amount of current for your particular ipod. Try searching for the power rating of your ipod.

    can someone please tell me, what pins are used to charge video ipod 30gb, 5th gen. i bought one on amazon, and it doesn't work, it does have connector tho, so i might make it work if i know what pins are used to charge. thanks in advance!

    it is possible to stab yourself with a screwdriver. trust me

    yes, lots of things are possible. *sending a drywall screw through your thumb. *burning your chin with a red hot welding rod. *slicing your finger open with 24 gauge wire. *cutting your self with "safety scissors" these are just a few.

    You know this from personal experience, huh?